Lympstone Art Group

Our friends at Lympstone Entertainments and Lympstone Film Society have given us this page to showcase work created by members of the art society during lockdown.
If you would like to share your pictures of artwork with others via this website, please contact me using the link below. Please restrict the number of images to seven.
Please send your pictures as a word document or jpegs which we can turn into a pdf. We can then add a link to it from this page.
Judith Carter, Chair


Fly with Me by Jayne Farleigh
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Sue Paterson
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Terri Scott
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Lympstone Entertainments



Christina Dickinson
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 “The enforced stillness of full lockdown was actually very beneficial to me. I had the opportunity to slow down and make time for more of the things I enjoy most, that would usually be put aside for “when I have time”.  
One of those activities is drawing, particularly with coloured pencils. The time it takes to layer up and blend the pencils gives me an opportunity to really relax.  Without many of the deadlines and time constraints I had before, I have very much enjoyed patiently building up a realistic image and attending to fine detail.
I have also tried my hand at doing portraits.  I took part in the Portrait Artist of the Week live sessions, completing graphite sketches of Akram Khan and Bernadine Evaristo and then did a picture of friends, in coloured pencil, from a photo taken at Cheltenham Festival just before lockdown.”
Carol Kerr
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Margot Cornish's Bee

“I managed a few paintings of sunflowers and Rainbow over Budleigh that I painted for a local Care Home, some postcard size paintings for Charity for Care for Casualties, a few bee paintings as a gift and for a University Bee Society, a buoy for a neighbour and a pebble bee for Budleigh Beaching an area dedicated to COVID.
Mostly, during Lockdown my Husband and myself have been frantically cutting, collecting, delivering and sewing Scrub bags, Scrubs sets, gowns and face coverings! We are also NHS Responders as well as supporting a local Care Home. So, all in all very busy and could not justify or find time to paint! Today we think we may have done our last scrubs for now……..
I shall now pick up a brush! So looking forward to painting some more!”

Margot Cornish
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“During Lockdown I had to cancel all the art classes I run. There are so many wonderful scenes in the village I had wanted to paint but had never had a sustained period of time to devote to this. I became very inspired and set to both drawing and painting.The good spell of weather all helped. My studies of both the harbour and architecture began as exercises in watercolour but soon moved into mixed media and monochrome.”
Louise Banks
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“As lockdown came into place I wanted to record the keywords we were hearing at this time, coupled with the rush on toilet rolls and the wonderful rainbow paintings which adorned homes. I used old Victorian & Edwardian cabinet photos which I married to the keywords and images of people unknown, who I felt may have lived through the Spanish Flu. This artwork by no way records the hardship and tragedy of this awful virus but the day to day experience of living in lockdown and self-isolation. I painted the second artwork after receiving a book about John Piper.”
Angela Coles
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“My Lockdown/Isolation life has been helped so much by Art. It has helped me pass many a happy hour & been my therapy . I have painted almost everyday & sometimes it could be a few paintings or just the one. It could be in any medium or style. One day Polychromo pencils & so detailed & the next splashing about with mixed media. I have watched many free demonstrations & re read my Art books & magazines. I am so grateful for this time to enjoy such an amazing pastime. I am lucky to have been able to stay safe at home & appreciate it. It has bought joy to my heart at this surreal tough  time. Without colour in my life all would have certainly been more difficult.”
Melanie Bettridge
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“Having grown up in Essex I have a nostalgia for the Thames Estuary and its creeks, and the selection I am offering reflects the region circa the 1950’s, when the Thames as a working river offered a more attractive range of craft, particularly the Thames Sailing Barge, when compared with the box like container ships of today”
Christopher Scanes
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“Having retired from my Architectural Practice and moved down to Devon with my wife in December I have enjoyed the opportunity to paint and draw more for pleasure. I try and begin a project at least every week.
The lockdown has allowed more time to paint albeit aloneI love drawing and painting buildings, flowers and wildlife. I am trying to broaden my skills and try different papers and techniques. Practice and critique help those goals.
I have also started life drawing classes on line which is a whole new learning experience.
I mainly use water colours and pen and ink with a preference for Cold Press papers ,but also started to use Hot Press paper and pastel papers.”
Iain Murphy
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